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5 Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day


  1. Cut the tags off your suit and gown a week before your wedding day.

Hunting down scissors right before you get dressed adds stress you don’t need. Decide now if you want to keep or cut those extra ribbons that hold the wedding dress on the hanger. If you’re cutting them, get rid of them when you cut the price tags. Bonus tip: Ask your family members to get this done early too. This means that when it’s time to get in your gown, they’ll be ready to be in the shots with you. 

  1. Little Ones In Your Wedding Party  

The smaller the kiddo, the more likely a nap will be needed before the big show. If the parent of the child is in the wedding too, coordinate for someone else to bring the child later. This will minimize stress on the parent (and you!) while he/she gets ready.

  1. The Grand Entrance 

Full wedding party entrance vs. couple only entrance. Full wedding party entrances take longer.  More people = more time. 

  1. Grandparent photos right after the wedding

Weddings are a big day for older loved ones. Arriving early for pictures is not necessary for them. Plan to take photographs with them immediately after your ceremony.

  1. Extended family photos  

This can feel like one of the most hectic parts of the day. Picture this: you just got married, everyone you know is there. Everyone wants to say hi to you and your family. And now It’s time to rally the talking troops. Assign one person who knows the family to put names to faces. (Not mom or dad because they’ll get caught talking in the crowd). If you have a large guest count, get two people to help. Assign one person to be a runner and the other to get people queued up for the next shots.

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