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5 Simple Poses for Senior Photos


Are you looking for some easy posing ideas for your senior photos? Look no further! Here are five simple poses that will make your grad photos a breeze.

The sitting pose: Sit on a bench or stairs and cross your legs for a classic and relaxed look.

The walking pose: Walk towards the camera, with a natural stride while swinging your arms at your sides.

The Look Back pose: Take a stroll and look back over your shoulder for a candid and playful shot.

The profile pose: Turn your head to the side, with your face in profile, and your eyes looking off into the distance.

The classic headshot: This is a timeless pose that never goes out of style. Stand with your shoulders straight and and your chin slightly lifted. While smiling, add new looks by crossing your ankles, brushing your hair away. or moving your dress back and forth.

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