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Filoli Engagement Photos


Filoli Wedding

I’ve been wanting to explore the gardens at Filoli for a while now. So, when Jourdan asked if I was available for an engagement session and she wanted to meet at Filoli I was excited. This beautiful estate is located in Woodside, California and covers 16 acres of gorgeous gardens.

Photographing an engagement session at Filoli is a photographer’s dream because of the diversity in landscapes all in one place.

Filoli Photo Sesion
FIloli Wedding Photos

If you are a photographer or interested in having your photos taken here, check Filoli’s photography policy for the most up to date guidelines.

In short, here is what you need to know:

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance. Adults tickets are $28.
  • Large Photo Equipment is not permitted (reflectors, flashes, or lights).
  • No props (flower bouquets or balloons).
  • Outfit changes are not permitted.
  • No wedding photos allowed. (For example, you can’t take pictures here after your wedding). *We were stopped because my couple looked like they had just been married, however, they explained they loved dressing up and I assured the docent we were there only for an engagement session.
Filoli Engagement Photos
Filoli Engagement Photos

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